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Opening your swimming pool
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Closing your swimming pool

Use the links above, on the left, and below to navigate around to read tips on how to maintain your pool.  How to maintain your pool provides the details for do it yourself pool owners who want to save money. 

If you need to replace a swimming pool pump, pool filter, or hard to find swimming pool parts, shop online for the best price at these well established swimming pool stores.

If you enjoy entertaining, then consider adding features like a tiki pool bar or pool cabana.   Also, don't forget to stock up on entertaining supplies for those backyard pool get togethers.

use swimming pool maintenance tips to save money.The goal of this website is to provide valuable information regarding swimming pool maintenance so you can save money. 

The entertaining section of this website is provided to give you some ideas to create a backyard paradise around your swimming pool that you'll enjoy while entertaining family and friends.  

pool opening instructions Maybe you've never owned a pool before, or you've hired a pool company to open your pool.  This page explains in detail the steps necessary to open your pool.  Once you get the hang of it, you'll never hire someone to open your pool again. If you have the time, you'll find that it is easy to open a pool.

pool water maintenance, adjusting chlorine, and green water remedies

Understanding the components in your pool water and knowing when to make adjustments is the key to perfect pool water.  Keeping the pH balanced is essential for not only keeping your eyes from burning, but also in keeping the parts from rusting. This page explains all you need to know to keep your pool water safe and crystal clear and inviting. 



 pool pump maintenance, troubleshooting, and replacement                                               

Occasionally, the pool pump fails, overheats, or starts to make strange noises.  This page offers some troubleshooting tips.  Also, if you can't get the swimming pool pump to prime, see if the tips on this page will help you. Typically at the start of a new season is when the swimming pool pump won't seem to prime or won't start.   Here are maintenance tips to troubleshoot problems with the swimming pool pump.




routine pool maintenance and cleaning tips If you've fired your pool guy or just want to maintain your pool yourself, this page explains the tasks to perform on a routine basis.  Everything from the simple task of emptying the skimmer to the more difficult tasks with cleaning the filters.  However, once you get familiar with this routine, you'll see how easy it is to maintain your swimming pool. 




how to repair pool vinyl liner Vinyl liner repairs. Eventually, the pool vinyl liner will crack or tear.  Most likely this will occur in the corners where the liner is stretched and in areas that get direct sunlight in the late summer.  This page shows how to apply patches to those torn areas and how to make it blend in.





how to clean swimming pool with skimmer vacuum and tigar shark pool cleaner.Cleaning your pool. With vacumming, you have two options.  Use the skimmer vacuum or get yourself an automatic pool vacuum.  This page offers tips on cleaning your pool and keeping your pool ready for swimming.




Swimming pool entertaining
Your pool is a source of enjoyment. Add some features to your swimming pool and create an relaxing, entertaining atmosphere.  Create a backyard paradise for you and your family to enjoy.



how to build your own tiki barGreat for entertaining. Provide a tropical relaxing atmosphere at your pool for family and friends by building your own tiki bar or tiki hut.




Cabanas and Sheds
Store away the swimming pool toys, floaties, and chairs.


how to build a pool cabana or pool shed Keep your swimming pool equipment out of the weather by building a cabana or shed.  Store your pool floats, inner tubes, and swimming pool toys in this pool cabana. 




Enjoy the days by the pool!how to maintain your pool                 




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