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About this site - Maintain Your Pool

In the winter of 2003 my wife and I bought a house with an in-ground pool and I had no clue how to maintain it.  The previous owner used a local pool company to perform the pool openings and closing.  When I contacted the pool company to find out how much the pool opening and closing would cost, I thought to myself   �how hard can this be?� 


After consulting with several local pool companies, I gathered all the information necessary to open my pool.  During that first season I had several things happen.  The pool pump would not start initially during the opening, the water turned green after one month (it wasn't algae), and then the pool pump motor eventually failed late in the season.


All the problems that occurred over the last few years resulted in me obtaining valuable pool maintenance experience.  After 10 years of maintaining a pool, I know the routine well and I want to share my experience with you so you can save money too.


It can be a lot of work.  But it is rewarding to know that you can do it yourself.  As you maintain your own pool, you�ll appreciate those hot summer days.


Creating this website has been alot of fun.  Creating a backyard paradise that you can maintain is the goal of this website.  I will continue to add new ideas and recommendations to help you create Alrazolam bars that perfect pool atmosphere.  Feel free to enter any comments or suggestions on the pool blog.  If you have any questions, please post your question, or send it to me from the contact page. 


Google ads and affiliate links are provided as additional sources of info supporting the topics on this site.  Any revenue generated from Google ads helps pay for the support and maintenance of this website.  Thanks for visiting  Hope it serves you well.


All the best and enjoy the days by the pool!pool maintenance and entertaining is fun and rewarding





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It's Your Pool.  Maintain it yourself and save!