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Build a Tiki Bar - Ideas for Entertaining

Do you like to party at your swimming pool?  Would you like to create a party paradise for entertaining family and friends?  Then maybe you'd be interested in a pool bar and stocking up on some beverages, equipment, and music.  Get into an entertaining state of mind.  Take advantage of the opportunity to share your backyard paradise with family and friends.

Build your own tiki bar. 
Build your own tiki bar for entertaining family and friends at your pool. Add that tropical feeling to your swimming pool.  Great for entertaining and ideal for relaxing.  Just another feature to capture that piece of paradise right in your own back yard.  If your are interested in building your own tiki bar click here to obtain a copy of Kev's plan.




Bring the wine country to your pool.
Have a wine festival at your pool side tiki bar or pool cabana.   For your convenience, we've assembled several wine sources so you can try each shop. provides the facts you need to make easy, informed decisions about buying wine for yourself and as a gift.

Create your own micro brew.
Impress friends with a beverage creation at your backyard paradise poolside bar.
MR.BEER® Home Brewing Kits. American's #1 Home Brewing System. Makes a great gift!

Tiki Bar Soda Bar.
Create your very own carbonated beverages. Soda-Club seltzer/sparkling water has several advantages over store-bought. First, the carbonation can be customized. Secondly, seltzer/sparkling water made with a Soda-Club machine contains no sodium, unlike many store-bought brands. A Soda-Club household will save as much as 50% over store-bought seltzer/sparkling water.

Soda-Club sodas are a sensible alternative to store-bought sodas. Soda-Club’s regular sodamix flavors have 2/3 less sugar, calories, carbs and sodium than regular store-bought soda. Diet flavors are of course sugar-free, contain less sodium than store-bought diet flavors and contain no aspartame – all diet flavors are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener.

And finally, soda and seltzer households will save money with Soda-Club. Seltzer starts at just 17 cents per liter; soda starts at just 42 cents per liter. Soda-Club even offers an Energy Drink sodamix that consumers can make for about 25 cents per serving (compared to $1.99 per serving in the store.) Soda-Club is an even greater value when you consider that you’ll stop pouring money down the drain with flat, wasted bottles of store-bought soda. And no more lost deposit fees for customers in bottle bill states. Plus, you’ll help the environment by cutting down on all those cases of store-bought cans and bottles.
Soda Club USA

Tiki Bar Coffee Bar.
Start the morning at the pool with a fresh cup of great tasting coffee.

Caribou Coffee focuses on creating a unique experience for customers through a combination of high-quality products, a comfortable and welcoming coffeehouse environment and customer service.
Caribou Coffee Company

Café Britt was founded in 1985 as the first gourmet coffee roaster in Costa Rica. Before Café Britt, it was virtually impossible to find a memorable cup of coffee in the country. It seemed all the truly exquisite Costa Rican coffee was being hidden away. This, of course, was not true. The simple fact was all the best coffee was being exported.
Cafe Britt Gourmet Organic coffee

Tiki Bar Tea Bar.
Bring the tea party to your pool.  Iced tea is refreshing on hot summer day!

Adagio Teas began nine years ago with the desire to introduce customers to an array of gourmet hand picked, whole leaf teas and herbals sourced directly from growers around the world. When Adagio Teas started, many tea drinkers were accustomed to having low quality bags filled with tea dust as their only option. It has been their mission to bring tea lovers in all corners of the United States and Canada fresh seasonal teas with abundant flavor and intoxicating aromas that will delight them daily.
Adagio Teas - Best Teas Online

Tea Forté elevates a cup of tea into an extraordinary experience for all of your senses. But the rich flavors and aromas of extraordinary tea are only a portion of the Tea Forté experience. Their stylish accessories and enchanting infuser transform your cup of tea into an elegant and soothing moment. Tea Forté is the innovator of Tea-Over-Ice the first true iced tea brewing system and their latest innovation Cocktail Infusions.
Tea Forte Cocktail Infusions
Amanzi Tea


Just another beautiful day in paradise. pool entertaining ideas to create a backyard paradise.



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