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How to Prime Pool Pump

If the water level in the pool has reached the halfway mark on the skimmer opening, then you can prime the pump and start the system.  You can also prime the pump if the water is below the skimmer, but make sure you keep the valve to the skimmer closed if you do so.

First, make sure the pump switch is in the off position.  Then, locate the breaker to the pump and turn the breaker on. 

Next, fill the pump trap with water allowing water to flow back through the suction lines.  Then, turn the suction line valves  to the off position.  Fill pump trap completely.  Attach pump trap lid.  Turn the pump switch on.  Open the suction line valves.  You should see water begin to enter the pump trap via the suction line.  If this has not happened within two minutes, then shut off the pump.  You may need to add more water to the trap and adjust the shutoff values.  Repeat this process untill you get the pump to pull water in and fill the trap completely.

After the trap has filled with water, slowly open the inlet shutoff values.  If you open them too fast, then the pressure might escape resulting in the pump trap emptying too quickly.  If this occurs, then close one of the inlet values until the pressure rebuilds and the pump trap is full.  Repeat this until the water is circulating, then open the last inlet valve.  During this process you should see alot of bubbles being pushed out through the inlets on the pool.  Eventually this will go away once the air is out of the inlet lines.  At this point, make sure all valves are open including the skimmer valve.  Make sure the pump is operating normally. If your pump won't start or has stopped, then try troubleshooting.






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