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How to Remove Swimming Pool Cover

Water Bag Pool Cover

If your pool is covered with a water bag winter cover, it will collect water on top of it from rain and snow. how to remove swimming pool cover as part of pool maintenance Because of this, you have to pump water off of it prior to removing.  Practice safety when dealing with electric cover pumps to avoid shock.  Ideally, plug pump into an outdoor outlet that is on a GFI (ground fault interrupt) breaker and use an outdoor rated extension cord. Use either a submersible sump pump or a pool cover pump.  A submersible sump pump removes the water faster.  Attach a corrugated hose to the sump pump and run it to the low end of the yard away from the house.

If there is a loop on the top of the pump, you can slide your leaf rake pole (use an old one that you don't care if it gets bent) through the loop and place the ends of the pole at the pool edges so the pump sets low enough in the water.  how to pump water off of the swimming pool cover as part of pool maintenanceAs a safety precaution, keep your hands out of the water while the pump is plugged in.  Also, do not stick any metal poles in the into the water while the pump is plugged in.  Pump as much water as you can from the cover so that you are better able to remove any leaves.  Leave a few inches of water on the cover so you don't clog the pump with leaves and debris.  When the water is low enough, unplug and remove pump from cover. 

If your pool has a leaf net cover then you shouldn't have too many leaves to remove if any at all. Otherwise you'll have to scoop the leaves off of the cover.  how to remove leaves from pool cover as part of pool maintenanceYou could do this periodically throughout the winter months so you don't have as many to deal with during the pool opening. Use a leaf bag with an extention pole and scoop the leaves off of the cover and empty into either a wheel barrel or a garden tractor wagon.  Continue this process until all the leaves are off of the cover.


Remove any remaining water on the cover with the pool cover pump or sump pump.  Pull the cover on the opposite end of the pool outward so that the cover lifts and pushes the water toward the pump.


Remove the objects that are holding the winter cover in place.  how to remove water bags from pool cover as part of pool maintenanceIf your pool cover has water tubes, then flip open the lid on each tube.  Lift the opposite end to empty the tube.  Remove water tubes from the loops in the cover.  Hose them off and place aside to dry.  Then fold them for storage.  If you use sand bags to hold the cover in place, then remove the sand bags.





Now you can remove the cover.  This task is much easier if it is not windy and if you have a helper.  The cover should be removed length wise in the same direction that the wind is blowing.  Have your helper grab one end of the pool cover while you grab the opposite end of the width.  Each of you should lift your end of the cover up to about waist high and walk toward the opposite end of the length.  Try not to let the cover edges fall into the pool.  Continue until the cover is off of the pool.  Take the cover into the yard and spread it out.  Take a garden hose and wash it off.   Let dry but not too long if the sun is out or it will scorch your grass.   Fold pool cover for storage.



Loop-Loc Swimming Pool Cover

Having a loop-loc cover makes life easy.  All that is required is removing the straps and cranking down the anchors. Starting at one end of the pool, pull the strap on the loop-loc toward the screw anchor holding the extension and lift up to unhook.  Turn the screw anchor back down into the slot.  Repeat this process for each loop except for one in each corner to hold it in place temporarily. Then unhook the the remaining loops.  Remove the cover and hose off.  Fold for storage.

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