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How to vacuum swimming pool

If the floor of the pool is looking dirty with bugs, twigs, mulch, grass, worms, or anything you could not get to with the leaf net, then vacuum the pool.

How to use the skimmer vacuum system

If you are not familiar with the skimmer vacuum system, then follow these tips.  First, attach the vacuum head to the extention pole. Make sure hose is securely on both vacuum head end and on the skimmer connector end.   Go to the water control valves and turn the value to the low floor suction off.  Turn the valve to the deep floor suction, half way off.  Turn the valve to the deep inlet off.  Put head of vacuum in pool. Allow hose to float freely in the water.  Fill hose by placing skimmer end of hose onto one of the side inlet jets until bubbles push through at the vacuum head end and until hose is no longer floating on top of water. Remove lid to skimmer.  Attach skimmer end of the hose to the skimmer on top of the basket.  With any luck, the suction begins.  Try not to let the vacuum head come out of the water until you are done vacuuming the pool.  Otherwise, you'll have to repeat the process above to acquire adequate suction. Also keep an eye on the pool pump to make sure the trap is at least half way full of water.  You might need to open the deep suction valve a little more to allow the pool pump to get more water into the trap.


How to use an automatic pool vacuum


Tigar Shark pool cleaner If your tired of using the skimmer vacuum or just want to free up some time, then consider using an automatic pool cleaner.  This Tigar Shark QC is an excellent automatic pool cleaner which not only cleans the bottom, but also climbs and cleans the sides of the pool as well. 



Tigar Shark QC automatic pool cleaner If your looking to purchase an automatic pool vacuum, then consider shopping for one from one of the reliable online pool stores listed on the pool supplies page.  You can also shop for the best price by bidding on one at Ebay.



While the automatic pool cleaner is cleaning the pool, you can complete some other tasks around the house.  Or just relax in the sun.



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