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Open Pool
How to open pool
  Remove pool cover
Skimmer and Inlets
  Pool Filter
  How to Prime Pump

Pool Water
Pool water components
  How to shock
  Green water remedies

  Daily Routine
  How to vacuum pool
  Repair vinyl liner

  Pump Maintenance
  Replace Pool Pump

Close Pool
How to close pool

  Pool Entertaining
Pool Bar
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Pool Maintenance

Instructions to open your pool and adjust the pool water. Tips to maintain your pool and repair your pool pump.

swimming pool maintenance - how to maintain your pool How to Open a Swimming Pool
 Tips on opening your pool for the summer. Remove winter cover and plugs, prime pool pump, and attach diving board and railings.

 How to Maintain Swimming Pool Water
 What are the pool water components that are tested?  What products should you apply under certain conditions. What causes green water?  It's not always algae. How to clear up green water.

 How to Maintain Your Pool with Routine Maintenance
 Here is a routine to follow to keep your pool ready for swimming.

 How to Troubleshoot Problems with the Pool Pump
 What to do when the pool pump isn't working.  Suggestions for priming the pool pump.  How to replace a pool pump.

 How to Close a Swimming Pool
 Tips on closing your pool for the winter. Drain filter, pool pump, and clear the inlet plumbing.  Clear the skimmer plumbing.

 Pool Supplies, Parts, and Equipment
 For your convenience, we've affiliated with some reliable online pool stores where you can shop for supplies, parts, and equipment.  


If you can't find the answer to your pool questions here, then send me your question on the contact page, or enter it on the pool blog.






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