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Safety Considerations when Opening a Swimming Pool

Avoid shock hazards when pumping water off of the pool cover


When working with an electric pool cover pump be careful not to be in contact with water while the pump is plugged into an outlet.  Keep the connection between the pump cord and extention cord out of the water.  Do not plug pump into the outlet until pump is set up and in the water.  When done, unplug at outlet before removing the pump from the water. 

Keep extention cord connection out of the water   Plug extention cord into a GFI outlet


Plug cord into an outdoor outlet that is on a GFI (ground fault interrupt) breaker, or run an outdoor rated extension cord to a GFI outlet.  Keep hands and metal poles out of water while pool cover pump is in the water.


Avoid trip hazards when walking around the covered pool


As you are walking around the pool, locate the bolts to the diving board and set a bucket there to avoid stumbling over the bolts.  Also be careful not to get your foot caught in any loops on the winter cover.


bolts for the diving board base   loops to the winter cover








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