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Pool skimmer and inlets - Opening pool for the summer

Remove winter plugs from skimmer and inlets


Remove the plugs that were installed to prevent water from entering the plumbing system of the pool.  They were installed to prevent water from freezing inside the plumbing and cracking the piping.



Skimmer plug - Gizzmo

remove skimmer gizzmo plug as part of pool opening and pool maintenance Within the skimmer compartment, clear away any debris (leaves, worms, rodents, etc.) that may have found its way into this area over the winter.  If you are lucky, there won't be much to remove.  Then locate the long odd shaped flexible plastic plug that is screwed into the skimmer.  Remove this by turning counter clockwise.  This plug prevents water from entering the plumbing and also prevents the skimmer compartment from cracking when the water freezes.


Also note that there is a second port that in most cases is permanently plugged with a plumbing fitting.  That 2nd  plugged pipe most likely should remain plugged.  Or should I say that I have never unplugged that particluar plug because in my pool it isn't connected to anything.  Most inground skimmers have two ports in the bottom of the skimmer. This allows the pool builder to either connect a Low-Water Suction port (or a main drain) into one port, usually the front port, and use the back port to connect the pipe that is run to the pool filter pump. Another use of the second port is to connect two skimmers together, in series, so that one pipe goes to the pool filter pump (rarely plumbed this way).  Usually, the front port is plugged with a threaded plug (that should remain plugged), and the back port (where the gizzmo plug is that should be removed)  is plumbed to the pool filter pump.



Inlet plugs

remove pool inlet plugs as part of pool opening and pool maintenance Within each of the inlets that are located on the sides of the pool, there should be a rubber plug.  These were installed to prevent water from entering this piping which could freeze and crack the piping.  There are two types of inlet plugs. Ones with a wing nut handle that can be loosened by turning the wing nut screw counter clockwise and then pulled out. Or ones that screw into the inlet that can be removed by turning counter clockwise.  These can be removed by hand.   You might need to use an item from the kitchen (a jar gripper) to aid with the removal.





Install the skimmer basket and directional fittings on each inlet. 

install skimmer basket and inlet directional fittings as part of pool opening and pool maintenanceLocate the skimmer basket and directional inlet fittings (a.k.a. hydrostream eyes) that were stored during the off season.  Insert skimmer basket into skimmer.  Attach the inlet directional fittings by screwing on by hand.  Donít over tighten.  Aim the directional fittings so that they are facing right which should turn the water in a counter clockwise direction.









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