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Troubleshooting - Pool pump maintenance

Pool Pump Motor Not Running

If the pool pump motor stops running, lightly touch the motor base to see if it is hot.  Go ahead and turn the switch to the off position.  Most motors will shut off automatically if they begin to overheat.  If this is the case, check the inside of the pool trap to see if any debris has worked its way past the basket and into the opening at the impeller.  Turn all the valves to the off position to prevent the water from draining out of the trap. Otherwise, you'll have to re-prime the pump.  Remove the trap lid and empty the basket.  Feel around for any twigs that may be stuck in the opening.  Put basket back in and trap lid back on.  Turn the switch back on.  If there is no noise at all, then probably the breaker to the pump motor has been tripped. Turn pump switch off, reset the breaker, and then turn pump switch back on.  If the pump still doesn't start and there is no humming noise at the motor, then there could be a lose wire at the connection, or the motor is shot. Check your owner's manual to see if there is any other trouble shooting advice.  Contact your pool installer to see if they have any suggestions or recommendations.  Otherwise, proceed to the next topic below to see if you need to replace the pool pump.

Pool Pump Motor will not start - Is it time to replace the pump?

Check to see if the breaker is off.  If the pump still doesn't start but there is a slight humming noise at the motor, then there is electricity flowing to the motor.  Most likely the impeller is stuck.  See how to replace swimming pool pump for more info on how to unstick the impeller and for other symptoms to check before replacing the pump.  

Pool Pump won't Prime

If the pump doesn't prime meaning the water flow is not getting pulled into the pump trap from the suction lines, then follow these steps.  First, turn off the valves to the inlets.  Also turn off the valves to the suction lines. Remove lid to the pump trap and fill with water and re-attach lid.  Open the suction lines. Turn switch on and observe if the water is being pulled into the trap from the suction lines . Let pump run for about a minute or so to allow time for the water to start flowing.  Once the trap is full, then open one of the inlet valves.  This may cause the pump trap to lose some water.  Wait a minute until the pump trap fills again, then open the remaining inlet valves.  Monitor for a minute to make sure all is working.

Pool Pump is leaking water

If pump is leaking at the plugs, hand tighten the plugs.  If water is still leaking at the plugs, then remove the plug and check to see if the O-ring is cracked.  If this is the case, just reattach the plug for now and order a new O-ring.   Replace when you get the new O-ring.

Leaks at plumbing connections

If water is dripping at the connections, then hand tighten connections.  If still leaking, loosen connection, apply a little plumber's putty on the threads and then tighten by hand.





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